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The latest creation from artist and etsy vendor GeekOUTlet is an interesting twist on a popular Zelda concept. The bottled poe soul necklace which comes complete with faux smoke effect and glow in the dark paint. Each one is 1 1/4 inches tall and comes on a chain to be worn. The necklaces only cost $14 and come in red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

Earlier today we announced a free giveaway that’s going on in which you have the chance to win a Hylian Shield of your very own! While this is only a replica and probably won’t stand up against the legions of Ganondorf’s evil forces, it is quite the quality item, and the artist has been generous enough to show us how it’s done via pictures on his Imgur account. Check them out inside!

Sites like Etsy are known for being the place to go for nerdy and beautiful fanmade jewelry and replicas. However, a seller by the name of Guangzhou Anime Fun Trading Co. has a new Zelda themed set of keychains that are truly well worth the price on AliExpress. Read on to learn more.

So your Cuccos weren’t too happy with your gift last year. You spent a WHOLE BUNCH of Bananas and even though you explained how it could one day become a Honeycomb, they were not amused. “I’m not sure how that would happen, but take it!” you said. Still, somehow, a Stick just did not fill the inventory needs of your favorite dungeon-diver.

So this year, I’m here to provide a walkthrough for your Holiday shopping so you can gift that special Zelda enthusiast with something that will have their heart in pieces.

Tis’ the season to spread some Zelda cheer!

In the

Zelda fan community, It seems like there’s no end to the creative ideas people can come up with. In terms of merchandise, Etsy is a great place to find gifts, replicas, and cosplays for all of your Zelda needs. But for this holiday season, one Etsy shop called “Mathematical Geekery” is now selling a Zelda-themed Christmas card! Are you getting a friend who loves Zelda a present? Do you have a grandma who has a crush on green-capped heroes? Want to just splurge on yourself for the holiday? Well, this just may be just the thing you need.

Interested? Hit the jump to see for yourself!

Need a lamp when exploring the Shadow Temple at two in the morning? Well, this lamp will lighten up any adventurer’s bedroom! This amazing piece of work from TheBackPackShoppe is a great tribute to any true Zelda fan. Featuring a dark wood frame and yellow acrylic plastic Triforce, this Legend of Zelda lamp will complement any bedroom.

The front of the lamp shines a warm light in the shape of the Triforce and the Crest of Hyrule lights up on your wall! This artist included a clever group of holes to provide for easy hanging with string or something similar. This 11 inch piece is priced at $69.00, and it is available on Etsy! You can also purchase the alternate designs, such as the Version 2.0 and Wall Sconce. Hit the jump to see the gallery of images! To everyone with a dark bedroom, I say, “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”

Hey, you know what splatter art is, don’t you? Well, my good sir and/or madam, you can take this moment to check out some really nice splatter art! However, before I go into detail regarding what splatter art is, a question: Have you seen any artwork from The Daily Robot? Y’know, that same person who sells things on Etsy.com! Yes, that The Daily Robot!

All joking aside, you can check out The Daily Robot’s own Etsy shop to learn more, or click on the jump to check out some nice examples! There’s even a really cool 3-poster set for some great video game franchises!

So I’ll admit, there are times where one could say that I don’t have a life. I would promptly prove them wrong by then showing them that I’m merely looking up Legend of Zelda-related merchandise on the internet and prove that I clearly have a life.

There are tons of cool merchandise out in the world and not to mention, tons of Legend of Zelda-related merch. Unfortunately, not everyone may always have the rupees they need to buy something as pricy as say, the Master Sword.

You know what you can buy, though? The pirate’s charm from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Ever wanted to keep in touch with the King of Red Lions or maybe even Tetra? Well, now you can with your very own pirate’s charm found right at Etsy.com only for $7.00! ($10.00 including shipping fees)

You heard (er, read?) right, and you can purchase the swashbuckling accessory right at LinksBazaar! No need to brag, but with it, you’ll definitely have some charm. Get it? It’s funny because it’s called the pirate’s “charm.”

When it comes to finding high quality, and very well made fan material from and inspired by the Zelda series, Etsy.com has always made for the perfect place to go and find such items. Recently, a new piece of fan material has been posted over there, and it’s no exception to this reputation of excellency. The item, which is a very well made blanket featuring the 8-bit style Link with a black background, was created and is being sold in…