Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, knights and maidens; with the Finals of our Best Dungeon tournament finally at a conclusive end, we can now officially name the best dungeon in the Zelda series. After thirteen weeks of intense match-ups, landslide victories, and surprising upsets, only one dungeon stands above all the rest. Victory, now and forever, goes to the Stone Tower Temple.

The crown jewel of Majora’s Mask reigns supreme. The Stone Tower Temple seized a sizable victory in every round of our tournament. Receiving the most votes of any dungeon in every single round, the tower’s momentum could not be denied going into the finals.

Twilight Princess‘ Arbiter’s Grounds was Stone Tower Temple’s ultimate test. For roughly the first three days of the Finals, these two dungeons were neck-and-neck, frequently trading the majority. But as the week continued, Stone Tower finally pulled ahead and cemented its triumph. The poll was still close though, as the winner was decided by less than 50 votes. And the Finals drew in the most votes of any poll in the tournament, for sure.

Here are Stone Tower Temple’s tournament records:

  • Round 0: Vs. All Other Majora’s Mask Dungeons: 172 Votes (61%)
  • Round 1: Vs. Sword & Shield Maze: 241 Votes (86%)
  • Quarter-Finals: Vs. Eagle’s Tower: 297 Votes (82%)
  • Semi-Finals: Vs. Ancient Cistern: 359 Votes (63%)
  • Finals: Vs. Arbiter’s Grounds: 354 Votes (54%)

Congratulations, once again, to Stone Tower Temple.

And thank you to everyone who participated in this tournament. The conclusion of this ZI Versus series has been something I’ve wanted to see for over a year, so I’m very appreciative to have all of you help make this tournament such a success.

Be sure to check back in February for another season of Zelda Versus!

Are you satisfied with the winner of our Best Dungeon tournament? What dungeon were you hoping to see at the top? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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