Zelda Enemies 2: The Originals

Zelda Enemies is back! 15 enemies, this time covering most of the first game’s roster. The exact enemies re-enacted are a surprise. You’ll just have to watch the video! Zelda Enemies should be a somewhat regular thing, with a new Enemies video every once and a while.

Some difficulty with this one. Not sure if you can tell or not, but a lot of these enemies are more physically demanding to imitate. I also needed a helper for some of them. Sadly, I missed a few enemies from the first game because they were pretty dang hard (or impossible) to do…

Did you like the enemy roster of the original game? Do you like the older versions of these enemies or their later counterparts? And do you like the Zelda Enemies videos? Finally, can you name all the enemies that appear in this one?

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