The Zelda Dungeon YouTube team is back with another exciting episode of Tiers of the Kingdom! In honor of Tears of the Kingdom‘s first anniversary, Gooey, McKenna, Corey, and Nico are ranking the game’s key boss battles. For this video, the crew is ranking what might be considered the “set piece” bosses. These are the bosses that are connected to the main story and the key side adventures. For example, the temple bosses are included in this list, but overworld bosses like Taluses, Hinox, and Gleeoks are not included. While Colgera, Mucktorok, Marbled Gohma, and Queen Gibdo do eventually appear in The Depths, these bosses only appear after the player has defeated them in their respective temples. If you are interested in seeing a Tier Ranking of the overworld bosses, stay tuned; these monsters may be discussed in a future video.

Overall, the major bosses in Tears of the Kingdom are generally considered an improvement on the bosses in Breath of the Wild, and the crew praises a variety of the bosses in the game. In comparison to the Blights in Breath of the Wild, the bosses in Tears of the Kingdom are much more diverse in terms of gameplay mechanics, music, and presentation. Five bosses in the game are placed in S-Tier: Demon King Ganondorf, Demon Dragon, Colgera, Queen Gibdo, and Phantom Ganon. One of the bosses that the team praises the most is Demonic Dragon (the game’s final boss). Dark Beast Ganon (Breath of the Wild‘s final boss) is generally considered a huge disappointment, and Demonic Dragon is a notable improvement on its predecessor. Not only is Demon Dragon more interesting mechanically, but the boss battle also pays off on Zelda’s story arc in Tears of the Kingdom.

If you enjoyed this episode, you can check out the full catalog of Tier Ranking episodes on the Zelda Dungeon YouTube channel. Each episode of the series involves discussing and ranking a variety of elements from across the Zelda series including characters, collectibles, and much more. There are a plethora of great episodes just waiting for Zelda fans to sink their teeth into.

What do you think of the crew’s Tier Rankings for the bosses in Tears of the Kingdom? What are your favorite bosses or boss battles in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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