Certainly no Zelda game is ever a walk in the park for Link. Every Legend of Zelda game features the hero saving the world from impending destruction. Sometimes though, along the way, the challenges he must go up against can seem more difficult than others both physically and mentally. This has lead to many discussions over which Link really had it the worst.

We tried to get to the bottom of it in the newest episode of the Zelda Challenge. Kevin and I both tried to prove what Zelda game really dished out the worst punishment to Link. Both of our answers tried to get to the emotional core of Link in the respective games. Kevin believes that the deeply disturbing situations in Majora’s Mask could be considered the most difficult, while I believe it to be the lonely and foreboding challenge found in Breath of the Wild.

Which of us do you think made a better argument? Click the “i” icon in the top right corner of the video to bring up our poll and let us know! Tell us who you voted for and what about their argument convinced you. Also feel free to let us know what games you would have made an argument for. If you want to see more from us, head over to our Youtube channel and subscribe.

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