SuniHello everyone! Here we have—yet again—Zelda Artist Exposition! This series is designed to spread the joy of art and promote a sense of artistic community. I feature fantastic Zelda fan artists who I believe deserve more recognition. I keep a list going so if you have a suggestion please let me know. Just leave a comment detailing the artist you love and hopefully I will see it. Plus, remember to always be amicable in the comments. Today’s artist is the enigmatic yagaminoue.

Yagaminoue does not have much personal information posted on his page or blog, but I do know he is from the United States and has had a deviantART account for about ten years. In that time he has accumulated 35,615 pageviews and currently has seventy-eight deviations in his gallery. He has gained 1,480 watchers, which is far less than he deserves in my opinion considering his very professional style.

My favorite aspect of yagaminoue’s work is the realism he demonstrates. All his art has this brooding, life-like imagery while still drawing style from the source material. His use of lighting is also incredibly impressive with the masterful shading and emphasis on natural light shown in every piece. In addition he manages to excel both at drawing figures and drawing backgrounds and scenery. The mood in his work is set very specifically and purposely. Yagaminoue’s gallery features a wide range of subject matters such as landscapes, anime, Nintendo other than Zelda, and other fan artwork.

Below are two more excellent images from him.

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed the art! Visit yagaminoue’s pages below for a few more Zelda pieces and an expansive gallery. Show him some support if you can. Thank you all for reading.

Here is yagaminoue’s deviantART page where you will find the gallery, but he is much more active on his Tumblr.

Cropped “Hilda” by yagaminoue
Wisdom” by yagaminoue
A Sunny Afternoon” by yagaminoue

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