ZD’s YouTube and Facebook Update

Zelda Dungeon’s ever expanding internet empire has grown once again. Firstly, in addition to your regular news updates you get here from the Zelda Dungeon home page, we will now be releasing news videos that will be shown on our Youtube channel. We won’t be featuring these videos here on the website, but these quick, to-the-point videos will be created whenever big Zelda news breaks and uploaded to YouTube. The videos are made by relatively new staff member Trevor Magnani who writes, shoots and edits these videos. Visit our YouTube channel to comment on these videos and see the others that Trevor has made thus far.

Zelda Dungeon’s Facebook, which is managed by staff member Joseph, has OVER 9000 people that like the page. …Well, nearly. At the current moment we’ve got less than ten to go, so if you haven’t yet, head on over to Facebook and ‘like’ the Zelda Dungeon page to get daily updates and notifications for new stories that are shown here on our front page.

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