VaatiWith Hyrule Warriors DLC in full swing, Nintendo is now in a position where — as they have done with Super Smash Brothers before — they can release new characters for the game long after its initial release. With that in mind, we asked Zelda Dungeon staffers for their Top 5 lists of characters hey want to see added to Hyrule Warriors.

Which characters are you most eager to add to the Hyrule Warriors roster? As always, leave your own lists in the comments.

Jon Lett –

5. Princess Hilda
4. Onox and/or Veran
3. Makar
2. Groose
1. Vaati

I’m going to say it right now. The great Wind Mage must RISE AGAIN. Vaati is a great villain from a great set of games, and with the wide variety of attacks from all 3 of his final boss fights (one of which had 3 forms), he could prove to be an amazing fighter. Seeing more villains in the game is always more fun, so this guy deserves a spot. Yes, Nintendo is unlikely to bring him back out of sheer lack of popularity, and it is far more likely that they will soon be preparing to LET LOOSE THE GROOSE, but I will remain hopeful. Vaati will make his way back to the series, and he will ravage the land with the power of the Minish Cap.

Alexis Anderson –

5. Nayru (Oracle of Ages)
4. Din (Oracle of Seasons)
3. Vaati
2. Linebeck
1. Groose

Ok I see literally no reason why Groose isn’t in Hyrule Warriors already, and I think it’s a crime that he’s absent. So there. As for Linebeck, I just love him so much and if Koei Tecmo made Tingle work then they can incorporate Linebeck. Maybe for his Special Technique he can just run from an angry Jolene as she barrels through the enemies trying to get to him–I don’t know! And Jon said it all for Vaati (he’s passionate about Vaati). As for Din and Nayru, I haven’t played the Oracle games but I just think they’re both so pretty, and from what I’ve read in Hyrule Historia, they are very powerful; so, coming up with movesets for them probably wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Let’s give our Oracle babies some much-deserved love.

Brandon Schmitz –

5. Demise
4. Telma
3. Irene
2. Nabooru
1. Groose

Looking back through this list, I’m noticing that all but one of these characters is either a Gerudo or speculated by many to be of Gerudo descent. What can I say? In any case, the original Hyrule Warriors will almost certainly be the most influential one for me. It features most of the characters I’d been crossing my fingers for when the game was announced: Midna, Ghirahim, Zant, Darunia, and Ruto, to name only a few. However, given the three games that were represented, there are still a few characters whose absence remains conspicuous. Alexis is dead on about Groose. Koei Tecmo has definitely embraced the idea of joke characters such as Tingle and — though to a lesser extent — Agitha. Throw Link’s Skyloftian rival into the mix with a portable Groosenator. He isn’t the only one, though. Nabooru deserves some recognition alongside the other two sages. Pay homage to her Iron Knuckle form and give the Gerudo a giant axe. Irene’s affinity for magic makes her an excellent candidate, while Telma could deliver some close-quarters mayhem. And isn’t it about time for Link and Zelda’s original nemesis to join the fray?

Thomas Jacobs –

5. Makar
4. Vaati
3. Nabooru
2. Hero’s Shade
1. Groose

If Medli can make the cut, I feel that Makar can as well. They’re two sides of the same coin, and could make for a nice duo in the various scenarios you can play. Vaati is a big-name villain in the series and aside from Ganondorf is the most frequently recurring villain in the series. Nabooru would make for an interesting take on how the Gerudo see Ganondorf and it’d be immensely cathartic to see her fight her way across hordes of enemies. The Hero’s Shade is one of the most tragic characters in the series: having been denied a legacy in his lifetime he can only be the tutor of the next hero in his timeline… but in Hyrule Warriors he could return and make a true difference with the skills gathered over the course of years. And finally there’s Groose. Because you know you want to see him take on hordes of enemies with his Loftwing, the Groosenator, and his bare hands. Letting loose the Groose would end any battle the enemy tries to begin, and it’d be awesome to watch.

Kira Koneko –

5. Yuga
4. Hero’s Shade
3. Demise
2. Princess Hilda
1. Vaati

I am going to have to throw my hat in with Jon and shout… Vaati! He is such an amazing character and could have such a spectacular set of moves for Hyrule Warriors. He was the first character that came to mind, so of course he would have to take the top spot. On the flipside I instantly fell in love with Yuga and his antics, and if designed correctly he could have a fun series of moves in which he could use any of his many toys he so graciously lent to Link for his many adventures. With that said, that pretty much nails down the second spot for me as well in Princess Hilda!


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