YouTube guitarist Isac Saleh covers a wide variety of video game music, and now he’s released his own version of the “Island in the Sky” theme from Skyward Sword. It’s the perfect song to… listen to… and fall… asleep.

The song is peaceful and serene, just like the actual tune from Skyward Sword. Saleh strums his guitar creating two and a half minutes of Zelda bliss. It’s because of tunes like the “Island in the Sky” theme that fans remember there is more to Zelda games than saving Hyrule. At the heart of every game is a rich land that has its own quiet moments for the player to enjoy. Link may be a hero, but remember he starts out more than a few of the games by sleeping.

Saleh lives in Sweden and has plenty of other video game medleys played on acoustic guitar on his YouTube channel. He also covers music from anime and film. In addition to performing his favorite video game tunes on guitar, Salah also produces arrangements of his music that can be downloaded from a link in the description in each of his videos.

For more information about Saleh, fans can view his Twitter profile.

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