Worst Video Game Delays

Game Trailers recently published a video titled, Top 10 Worst Delays. The video tries really hard to stay away from judging the games themselves, though they couldn’t help taking a couple jabs at Twilight Princess! Twilight Princess is number five on their list, and Ocarina of Time is number three. Watch the video to find out why!

These ten games felt almost eternally out of reach. By worst, here, we’re not counting months and years, but emotional weight, measure in hearts broke, promises destroyed, and pre-order’s cancelled.

Zelda has been gaining a reputation for delayed releases, and it doesn’t help that huge games are always teased years in advance. It’s been years since we first heard of Skyward Sword, and since then it’s already been delayed twice: first to a early 2011 release and currently to a 2011 Holiday season release, and who knows what other delays could be in store for us. The advantage the Skyward Sword has over Twilight Princess is that we know it will be on the Wii. There’s not a new Nintendo console in the foreseeable future, and the Motion Plus controller seems to be the end of any major hardware changes for the Wii.

Can any of you remember these developments? Was the wait difficult for you? Are there any other games that you think should be on the list? While I wasn’t waiting for it, I know Star Craft 2 had some drama before it was finally released, and I was surprised to see it missing from this video. Let us know in the comments.

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