In 2002, a collectors piece called the “Zelda Box” was released alongside The Wind Waker in Japan. The box included a Wind Waker strategy guide and Link figurine among other items. A collection of developer quotes translated by our friend GlitterBerri was included in the box and revealed an interesting concern the developers of The Wind Waker had about Gohma, the first boss that is encountered in the game.

Apparently, the developers were unsure if players would be able to figure out the strategy they had developed behind defeating Gohma.

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In an interview included in the Zelda Box, Nintendo graphic designer Satoru Takizawa and Eiji Aonuma discussed Gohma.

“Gohma is the first boss you fight. It’s also the first boss we created. The strategy for the fight is to use the Clawshot to grab onto Valoo’s tail as he’s sitting on the ceiling, then drop the ceiling onto Gohma. I was really worried about whether players would figure it out,” Takizawa stated.
Aonuma added, “It’s a cool strategy, if you think about it. I mean, Gohma even puts the ceiling back in place all by itself. [Laughs] Even though you wouldn’t be able to win the battle if Gohma didn’t fix it for you. [Laughs]”

I find this interesting. As an eight-year-old when I first picked up The Wind Waker, I beat the entire game in about a month’s time.

I never had one problem finding the strategy with Gohma, I was quick to assume that it would one way or another utilize the Grappling Hook I had earlier retrieved, and after figuring out I could latch to Valoo’s tail the whole battle was a breeze.

Did anybody reading live up to their concern? I don’t know about you, but I believe that if they were truly concerned about players not knowing how to approach the first major boss fight in the game, the developers would have dumbed down the fight a bit. Do you agree? With a new remake of The Wind Waker being released this Autumn (keeping in mind that no content changes have been confirmed or announced), do you think we might see an alternate strategy to fighting Gohma this time around? While highly unlikely, I’m sure they must have had at least one other strategy in mind at the time. Feel free to leave your thoughts and discuss the topic in the comments below.

Source: GlitterBerri

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