Just when you think there’s nothing left, something new is found out about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For a game that is 12+ years old, and has a fan-base as large as it does, its a wonder that anything about Ocarina of Time has yet to be brought to the surface. While most of its deep-rooted secrets have come to pass, there are still many questions lingering about changes to the final product, even after its release, and this is where our topic comes into play. . .

The team over at Gametrailers have put together a very informative video of their research into the mysterious Fire Temple music, more specifically, why it was changed from its original version. Chants which could be heard in Fire Temple’s theme were removed for later released of the game, even later versions released for the N64. While many believed these were removed based on the complaints of Muslim consumers, who stated that the chants were surprisingly similar to those heard in a Muslim prayer, the Gametrailers team has discovered revealing evidence to prove otherwise.

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