Breath of the Wild introduced one of the wildest collect-a-thons in any of the series, but there have always been many collectibles for players to obtain on their path to 100%. Heart containers, gold Skulltulas, Poe souls, even stamps all litter the world’s of Hyrule and beyond waiting to be found. I’m sure many Zelda fans out there are drowning in a sea of Korok seeds as they push for all 900. Many of them have already gotten there already.

In the newest entry into the Hyrule Compendium, Mases and I discuss the games of which we have completed 100% We also discuss what qualifies as 100% for certain games. We both have a different experience with 100%-ing games. While Mases is a really big fan of doing it, it’s not necessarily my cup of tea.

We want to know what your experience with 100%. What games have you done? What games do you want to do? Do you not care to at all? Let us know in the comments. If you want to see more you should check out our Youtube channel for more!

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