Hello guys, got a video discussion for you! It’s basically about Twilight Princess’ Ganondorf, how he was introduced to the plot, and more importantly what I think they should have done differently. More specifically, I go over this while keeping things roughly the same: Zant being the badguy and then bringing out Ganondorf at the end. So it’s not as much of me complaining about Twilight Princess than usual… I think.

This one is something of a follow-up to the last video discussion I did, Ganon: Overused and Abused. Although, I apologize for it being two weeks after that video that I post this. There was that Mini-Marathon and everything, so that’s why.

Be sure to tell me what you think! Did you like how Ganondorf was in Twilight Princess? How about Zant? Do you like my suggestions, or do you have your own ideas? Tell me in the comments!

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