Accessory manufacturer PDP has just released two new accessories for the Nintendo Switch: the Slim Travel Case and the Faceoff Deluxe Wired Pro Controller. Both of these items managed to catch a splash of Zelda paint too! We were fortunate enough to go hands on with both accessories and documented it all for your viewing pleasure.

The Slim Travel Case prominently features the original 8-bit version of Link, but also subtly impressed into the background are items from the original game, including Keys, Rupees, and Fairies. The front of the case has a smooth matte finish, whereas the backside has a much grittier texture. The inside of the case features storage for up to six Switch game cards and a pouch perfect for holding earbuds, charging cords, or any other small accessories you may want to travel with. Underneath the pouch is a velcro strap that can be used to help secure your Switch in the case. Lastly, the case comes equipped with a Magical Shield rubber key chain attached to the zipper. When traveling with my Switch, I typically use the Sheikah Slate case that came with the premium versions of Breath of the Wild, but my Switch feels a lot safer in this case as it’s held a little snugger. So I think I’ll be switching to this from now on!

The Faceoff Deluxe Wired Pro Controller is extremely similar in feel to Nintendo’s official Pro Controller, plus and minus a few features. You won’t find amiibo support, motion control, or HD Rumble here, but will find two programmable buttons on the back of the controller and a much lower price point. One of the other unique features of this controller is its interchangeable faceplates. PDP gives you two right out of the box. The first is painted with blacks and golds, features the Breath of the Wild symbol, and has a textured feel that’s reminiscent of the in game designs. The other uses grays and blues, has a flat glossy finish, and dons the Sheikah Eye symbol. They’re easily interchangeable without need of any tools too! I was extremely impressed with how good this controller felt in my hands. I’d definitely opt in to use one of these on my next journey through Hyrule.

Both of these accessories are available for purchase from PDP’s site. Below are the links you’ll need to snag your own!

What are do you think of these? Are you in need of a new controller or case for your Switch and think you’d consider these? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: PDP

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