The ability to instantly travel from one place to another is one that I think we all wish we had at one point in time. In many video games, this is made possible through warp pipes, portals shot from guns, and even musical tunes played by magical ocarinas. Ocarina of Time wasn’t the first or last game to utilize a warp function; however, it may have one of the most iconic methods of doing so.

Musician and YouTuber Ro Panuganti recently put together an incredible medley featuring all six warp songs from Ocarina of Time. Using electric guitars, drums, and of course a version of the titular instrument, the songs flow from one to another. A variety of filters to match the colors associated with the areas add a little flare to the video, as well as the titles of each song when they kick in.

Similar to many Zelda fans, I’m a sucker for anything related to Ocarina of Time. But there is something so unique about the warp songs from this game that makes them always stick out in my head. I’ve played around with these tunes myself, but never accomplished anything like a medley, and it always impresses me when somebody manages to bring the songs together. Personally, the “Minuet of Forest” was always my favorite of the bunch.

What did you think about this Ocarina of Time warp song medley? Do you have a favorite warp song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Discord!

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