Walkthrough Update!

Spirit Tracks Screenshot

We’ve been making a lot of edits to our Spirit Tracks Walkthrough over the last several days. When the walkthrough was first written, it was designed so that you could play through the entire game with a step by step guide to completing the main quest. We completed that just shortly after the games release and now we are in the process of going through the entire guide and revamping many of the sections to include all the extra heart containers and side quests along the way.

In the mean time, we are also formatting and adding screenshots to some of the chapters. I’m happy to say that chapter 2 of the walkthrough has been upgraded and is now near complete, filled with maps, screenshots, and several boxes for all the items and enemies found within the dungeon. Additionally, work has begun on the following chapter of the game which covers Link’s second visit through the Temple of Spirits. We are also editing our entirely text version of the walkthrough for Spirit Tracks, which we are posting at various other gaming websites on the net. As always, we’ll be continuing to upgrade our Spirit Tracks content over the next several weeks.
Walkthrough Index
Chapter 2: Forest Realm
Chapter 3: Temple of Spirits 2

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