Upcoming Fan Web Series ‘Royal Guards’

GuardsThere have been several series made over the years that focus on various aspects of the Zelda universe. Only one series has been official but that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own and putting their own views and ideas into the franchise. A fan made live action series is currently in development written and directed by J. Derek Howard based during the events of Ocarina of Time. The subjects they could have chosen are numerous. Ganondorf’s evil schemes to conquer Hyrule, Link’s struggle to save Hyrule, what Zelda did while posing as Sheik for seven years; all of these could be the subject of a grand series but what about the guards of Hyrule Castle? Yes, that’s what Royal Guards will be about and, going by what they have planned, it could be a very entertaining series. Take the jump for more info.

The plot will revolve around two guards (Phil and Gary) posted at the Hyrule Castle gate who are worried about losing their jobs after a boy in green manages to sneak past them all and get to the princess. There is more information on their indiegogo page but it looks as though there will be a lot more mysterious goings on during the first season than just two guards worried about their jobs. Sounds as though Phil and Gary should stick together as it could be dangerous to go alone!

Given the plot it could become a very funny series which I’m quite looking forward to. They are looking for donations to help production but the campaign will end on April 24th. There are some very nice perks for donating which can be done on the indiegogo page as well as a list of what you can get for the donation.

Does this series sound like something you would watch? What other minor characters could have a story to tell? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Indiegogo

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