OverClocked ReMix is the go-to place for wonderful remixes of classic video game music. This fact stands true for the Zelda series, as there have been so many reworked versions of the series’ iconic music released on the site. The jazzy remix we’re listening to today comes to us from a newcomer to OC ReMix and merges together the Overworld and Dark World themes from A Link to the Past.

This jazzy medley of A Link to the Past music comes to us from halfwalk (Chris Ramey) and is called “Through the Mirror and Back“. The remix features horns, electric piano, and plenty of “swagger,” according to the song description. You can head on over to the official OC ReMix profile for halfwalk’s new song if you want to download it, as well as the site’s A Link to the Past page for more great remixes.

What do you think of this medley remix? Will you be checking out any more work from halfwalk? Let us know in the comments below!

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