The Sheikah Slate runes bestowed on Link in Breath of the Wild all come in handy when traversing the land of Hyrule, but probably wouldn’t be able to function here on earth. The rune with the most potential for use in reality (aside from the Camera) is Magnesis, since scientists have done some astounding things by manipulating magnetism. For this reason, Youtube’s SwankyBox recently released a video breaking down the viability of Link’s power of Magnesis.

While the objects the Magnesis power affects do fall under the definition of ferromagnetic, the video debunks the idea that Link is simply holding a giant magnet (since the magnet’s power doesn’t fade within its radius of attraction, and its attraction only affects a single chosen object). It would make more sense if the point of magnetism was on the spot where the rune hits an object instead of on Link, but successful real-life experiments with this concept don’t work with oddly shaped objects or account for moving an object around once it’s floating.

While at this point in time it seems impossible for the Magnesis ability to work within the laws of physics, who knows what kind of scientific breakthroughs might come along in the far future to make it feasible.

Do you have any theories on how Magnesis could work in real life? Would you like to see SwankyBox do science-based videos like this for some of Link’s other runes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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