Collecting games and associated memorabilia is a hobby of mine. I’ve been known to impulse buy a plush Bloodborne doll or order a Link tunic hoodie on a whim. When I’m not able to play video games, having these things is a simple reminder of the joy they can bring.

With Breath of the Wild embracing a new era of technology in Hyrule, toys and gadgets were bound to become more advanced. Let’s be honest, Link is carrying around a tablet for the entire game. If that isn’t a commentary on modern lifestyle, I’m not sure what is! While browsing the internet the other day, I happened upon a really modernistic Breath of the Wild-themed men’s watch that is about to become part of my collection.

The Magic Circle Sheikah Watch by RegisBox is sleek and modern, sporting a leather-look band and Sheikah-themed design. It features the Eye of Truth on the face, which is a recurring image since Ocarina of Time. It also boasts a rather unique time mechanism. Around the outer edge of the face are lights, set to represent the hours and minutes. Large, white circles blink to indicate the hour, while smaller, blue circles show the minutes. The watch even includes touch control, meaning it will only light up when you tap on the face, easing those battery life worries. With a price point of $34.99, this is sure to be a popular addition to any fan’s collection!

Do you have a soft spot for gaming collectibles? And do you plan to boost your collection with this Magic Circle Sheikah Watch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: RegisBox

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