The middle of the ven diagram depicting Zelda fans and Skyrim fans is densely populated. So what could be better than a retexture of Skyrim in the visual style of Breath of the Wild? Modder ReallyBigSandwich (RBS) has started work on a new project called “Breath of the Wildrim” that will create just that. Footage and screenshots of the mod show a bright, beautiful, cel-shaded version of Skyrim’s Tamriel and Whiterun. 



The project is ongoing, and ReallyBigSandwich is calling on other modders to help with additional textures and landscape redrawing; the retexture already incorporates RBS’ own custom textures, as well as the existing “Artistic Skyrim Overhaul” among other mods. So, the project is well on its way, but isn’t ready quite yet. 

ReallyBigSandwich is determined to finish the mod, explaining, “I’m tired of searching for 120+ different retextures, all with their own individual styles, and I hate seeing trees up close because the leaves are PS1-era tier.” Thankfully this project will help spruce up those trees and much more, all in one convenient package. Those interested in helping RBS bring the project to fruition should join this Discord server.

What do you think of the retexture so far? Will you try it out when it’s complete? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Reddit (via PCGamesN)

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