There’s always a form of music that you or I have never even heard of. In this recent case, that would be electro swing which apparently is a blend of swing and jazz, mixed with more modern types of music like EDM, house, & hip hop. The Breath of the Wild remix we’re listening to today gives us a different take on the main theme using said musical style.

This most recent Zelda cover comes to us today from The Musical Ghost who is best known for doing electro swing remixes of video game tunes. According to Ghost, this was one of their more harder game songs they’ve had to rework. One of the reasons is due to the fact that the main theme from Breath of the Wild had one less note beat that they’re used to working with.

So what Ghost did to compensate was to add the additional note beat needed in order to make this cover. The other reason for the difficulty increase is because this reworked version was coming from a tune that has an orchestra attached. Other games The Musical Ghost has done electro swing remixes for includes title like Overwatch and Undertale.

What do you think of this electro swing remix? Will you be checking out anymore work from The Musical Ghost? Let us know in the comments below.

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