YouTuber DuoReview recently uploaded a video to discuss what he believes to be the truth about the Skull Kid and the reasoning behind the character’s actions during the events of Majora’s Mask.

DuoReview begins by showing his appreciation for the game itself, before moving on to state that his favorite villain in the Zelda series is in fact the Skull Kid. The YouTuber feels that the Skull Kid is so interesting because it’s hard to define whether he is really evil, or whether the blame of his actions lie solely with Majora’s Mask.

The theory opens by referring to the fact that the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask is, in fact, the same Skull Kid from Ocarina of Time. The Skull Kid states that Link smells just like the fairy kid who taught him a song in the woods. Such an event did take place during Ocarina of Time, where the YouTuber believes the Skull Kid was really more mischievous than evil. When DuoReview then compares Skull Kid’s actions between both gameshe demonstrates the belief that the Skull Kid had more agency over his actions in Termina than one might think.

DuoReview looks at the psychological reasons, alongside the Skull Kid’s own personality traits, that could be behind his deeds in Termina. The Skull Kid is a natural prankster who felt abandoned by the Four Giants and excluded from the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. This could have influenced his need to lash out at the world. His loneliness could have caused emotional instability which might have led to his desire to torture the citizens of Termina in an act of revenge before their eventual demise. This is shown by the Skull Kid’s poisoning of the Swamp, the big freeze in the Mountains, and the turmoil in the Ocean. The Moon itself is a form of torture, as the people of Termina watches it descend towards them.

The video compares the Skull Kid’s traits to those of Majora, and he points out that the Mask is certainly more evil, whereas the Skull Kid has a darker mischievous side. The YouTuber believes that while the Skull Kid was in control of his actions, the Mask would have amplified his want for revenge. Majora even would have amplified his distrust in Tatl and Tael, as seen when he treats the fairies cruelly in the game, perhaps due to his fear of their eventual abandonment.

DuoReview thinks that although the circumstances are tragic, it was the Skull Kid who made his own decisions to wreak havoc across Termina. But after learning that his friends, the Four Giants, didn’t abandon him, he was given a second chance to learn from his mistakes and retain his friendships.

What do you think of DuoReview’s theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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