The_Wind_Waker_Prologue_(Part_3) It is a truly superhuman feat to see fellow gamers dedicate their time to being the best at their craft. One group to especially admire are speedrunners. The sheer time, dedication, and concentration that must be applied to this incredible craft is a sight to behold in practice. And now the record for speedrunning The Wind Waker has been broken!

Want to know more details on the broken record and it’s runner? Check it out after the jump.   windwakerworld record The current world record holder is popular Zelda speedrunner, gymnast86; known primarily for his Any% runs. He recorded his session on the 28th of July, using a Japanese copy of the game, and managed to beat the former world record by an astonishing 50 seconds through heavy usage of the Tingle Tuner, and various exploits to speed his progress. He is currently the 3rd place holder for Ocarina of Time 3D speedruns, 12th place holder of Skyward Sword, and first place of Wind Waker HD.

The previous record holder was Demon9, who had consistently beaten his own record for several months before gymnast took the title, taking it from previous record holder Kolja who only held it for a few days. The entire speedrun has been uploaded to YouTube as of July 29. So check it out if you have not already. For more of gymnast86’s speedruns, be sure to check his YouTube channel at: Zeldafreak943, or his twitch channel at: gymnast86.

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