tww soundtrackFollowing on from their recent promotion of a selection of special t-shirts which included The Wind Waker HD, Club Nintendo of Japan have announced another new promotion pertaining to the game, this time offering a CD of the game’s soundtrack, available for free for those who manage to register the game itself soon after its release.

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tww soundtrack listing

The CD features 50 tracks and is available to those who manage to register The Wind Waker HD between the 26th of September and the 4th of November. It comes with a simple, yet fetching gold cover, and the original MIDI tracks from the GameCube version have also apparently been updated to sound crisper and sharper, befitting of the game’s HD graphical overhaul.

Although the offer is extremely similar to the one which accompanied Ocarina of Time 3D upon its release in 2011, it seems fairly unlikely at this point that the North American or European Club Nintendo will be offering the same promotion, given the scarcity in which Japanese products and offers are carried through to the west. However, there is no reason why fans should not remain at least vaguely optimistic for the soundtrack’s possible release in western regions.

But what do you think? Is this something you would like to appear in your country? Are you perhaps upset over the imbalance of product availability regarding Japanese items? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Club Nintendo Japan

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