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As per usual, Club Nintendo in Japan is getting better stuff than the rest of the world. While the days of the beloved reward system are soon coming to an end, making way for a brand new one, there are still some sweet rewards to redeem points for, including this awesome two-disk CD set, called the “Nintendo Sound Selection: Ending & Staff Rolls”. It offers some of the best staff roll themes from some of Nintendo’s most memorable classics, including…

Screenshots of Japan’s Club Nintendo exclusive A Link Between Worlds Soundtrack have emerged, and it looks beautiful. Though currently exclusive to Japan, we can still admire the exquisite art and design of the inserts and disks encased within. Make the jump to check out the pictures!

With all the talk of Hyrule Warriors and Zelda U, the thought of a Majora’s Mask remake has slipped the minds of many of us. However, Club Nintendo of Japan sent out a new wallpaper that may be teasing a Majora’s Mask remake. Hit the jump to see the wallpaper!

Following on from their recent promotion of a selection of special t-shirts which included The Wind Waker HD, Club Nintendo of Japan have announced another new promotion pertaining to the game, this time offering a CD of the game’s soundtrack, available for free for those who manage to register the game itself soon after its release. Hit the jump to find out more.