The topic of this article is as follows. Does canon matter? At first, this may seem like a stupid question to some people. They may not care about the intense lore and storylines that so many fans theorize about and discuss. I’m here to tell you that canon matters, and here is why.

If there is one fact about the Zelda community that I know, it’s that fans like to debate about canon. Endless streams of YouTube comments, Reddit posts, and comments on this very website are what the community thrives on. Some people would argue that debate tears the community apart. On the contrary, debate brings fans together in friendly discussion if approached the right way. You don’t need to agree with other people’s opinions, just don’t bash them.

I like to think that without canon debates, there would only be two things to discuss. Number one is whether a certain Zelda game was awesome, and number two is whether it sucked. Without the discussion of storylines and canon, the Zelda community would be pretty dull. This community is alive and well, and I believe it will stay that way for a long time.

While involved in a few debates on my last article, I had to research a few topics to see what is canon and what is not. This is another thing that debate supports. While conducting my research, I uncovered a few facts that I would not have know otherwise. These facts are now added to my mental stash of Zelda lore, which makes me love the series even more. The feeling of knowing that there is always something more to discover, and knowing that there will be a host of new facts revealed in games to come, is what I love about the community and the franchise itself. I don’t know about you, but that makes me proud to be a Zelda fan.

My point being, canon matters. The debate surrounding it brings the community together as a whole, and adds interest to the series. What do you think?

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