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Hyrule Warriors, a Zelda title loved by many, has recently been classified as Koei Techmo’s most successful game. Before Hyrule Warriors’ release, fans were in an uproar because it was not going to be canon. I was slightly peeved at this fact, but now having owned the game myself I understand why Nintendo made this choice…

The topic of this article is as follows: Does canon matter? At first, this may seem like a stupid question to some people. They may not care about the intense lore and storylines that so many fans theorize about and discuss. I’m here to tell you that canon matters, and here is why.

The continuity of the

Zelda series spent many years atop the mountain of gaming mysteries. Devoted fans spent hours, weeks, even months of their lives trying to crack the code behind the Zelda timeline, in the process forging complex and convoluted theories from the most minute of details in order to prove their own unique take on how the games all tied together. Of course, Hyrule Historia put an end to all that, but I bring this up because it shows just how much some people (myself included; I was a timeline theorist for years) love to find the connections between various parts of the series.

Fast forward to today, when

Hyrule Warriors release is almost upon us in North America. Relatively early on, the game was confirmed to have absolutely no connection to the main Zelda series—sure, the title features numerous characters, locales, items, and enemies from a select number of the games, but it’s all taking place in another parallel world that does not intersect with the ones Historia gave us. But was that the right call, and, assuming that the Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda crossover gets a sequel, should Nintendo and Koei Tecmo continue to keep the worlds separate?

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Amid the chaos that is the cesspool of Zelda fan theories and speculation, there is a glorious beacon of unquestionable righteousness: the Official Zelda Timeline. Graced upon on us by the glorious Eiji Aonuma and his Zelda disciples, this absolute guide to the history of Zelda gave us guidance, helping us to finally realize that the obvious truth we were missing was hidden in the conundrum of time travel in Ocarina of Time. Also, Link apparently died or something (not that this didn’t occur…

(Video moved to after the jump. Click read more to watch the embedded video) Hey there guys! Axle here. Yeah, I know, for once I’m actually uploading my videos myself. I got a new video, but this time around it’s not a Curiosity Shop video. This is a video where I talk about one particular topic, specifically which games in the series should be consider canonical, and my thoughts on the matter. It’s kind of an expansion of a topic…