The Gold Nunchuk is Back!

Yes! The long awaited Club Nintendo gold nunchuk is finally back in stock, but again only limited quantities are available. When this nunchuk accessory, which matches the special Skyward Sword gold Wii Remote, first came out it sold out within a day. It seems people were eager to get a matching nunchuk, even at the expensive 900 coin cost.Hopefully this time around fewer people will want this accessory, and if you didn’t grab it, you will be able to this time.

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Again for the steep price of 900 coins, you can have your very own gold nunchuk. Never again will you be caught playing Skyward Sword with your gold Wii Remote and non-matching white nunchuk.

This is of course available from Club Nintendo, and as stated the quantities are low. We’re not sure exactly how low the stock is, but if you’ve been excited for this, I wouldn’t take any chances. Shipping is free, the only cost is your precious coins!

Are any of you going to be getting the nunchuk this time around? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Club Nintendo

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