We all have our nitpicks when it comes to Breath of the Wild. None completely ruin the experience, but these gripes pop up enough such that we just can’t forget them, no matter how hard we try. A nitpick that consistently gets brought up is the rain, as the wet weather condition frequently restricts climbing. We’ve all had troubles with the rain, but one Zelda theorist recently took it upon himself to see if this weather really is a bunch of bullcrap.

Austin from The Game Theorists decided to look into his biggest issue with Breath of the Wild, the rain. He wanted to make sure that the rainfall seen in the game makes scientific sense, testing if the rain pours naturally in a region, rather than randomly as part of a weather mechanic. To this end, Austin analyzes how rain works in real life, how big the Hyrule you can explore is, and the temperatures & weather patterns of each area in the game.

Austin comes to the conclusion that, due to all the different rain patterns in Breath of the Wild, the land of Hyrule appears to be what is known as a temperate rainforest. What this means is that it’s an area of land that doesn’t get sweltering hot like a rainforest, but gets the equivalent of rain a forest like that would normally get. He also gives kudos to whoever designed the weather system, as it is fairly accurate to that environment.

What do you think of this video? Do you have any issues with rain in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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