Mods can often breathe new life into older games, whether it’s upscaling the graphics or simply adding some kind of new experience. Recently The Wind Waker received a mod titled “The Wind Waker Rewritten,” which adds over 10,000 new lines of dialogue to the game!

Created by a modder named aproxm, this ROM hack completely changes the vibe of The Wind Waker through the in-game text. It looks to add a lot more humor, aimed at an older audience. Think along the lines of most anime abridged series on YouTube; that’s sort of what this is going for, albeit without voice acting.

The video showcasing the mod, which you can check out above, says that the changed dialogue re-characterizes every NPC and recontextualizes every cutscene. You’ll see The King of Red Lions talking like a cowboy, an Italian Deku Tree, and Beedle using swears, to name only a few changes. Even the plot of the game is completely different, revolving around Link trying to unravel his past, while also searching for “the greatest bounty yet” along with the King.

You can download The Wind Waker Rewritten right here.

It certainly looks very interesting, and it could be a cool way to re-experience the game! Will you be downloading The Wind Waker Rewritten? Let us know in the comments below!

Sourceaproxm (via Kotaku)

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