Musician Ace Waters has been on a roll the past few weeks, uploading a series of stellar Zelda forest theme remixes in honor of this year’s Zelda Month. With mixes of Breath of the Wild‘s Korok Forest theme and A Link to the Past‘s Lost Woods theme released early in the month, Waters’ musical trek through the wooded areas of Hyrule recently brought him to Ocarina of Time‘s Saria’s Song and Twilight Princess‘ Faron Woods theme. The latter tune is especially great, as the classic theme takes on a satisfyingly synth-y flavor.

This Faron Woods remix retains the original track’s atmospheric tone, but infuses it with a fresh electronic style. Guitar, synthesizers, a GameBoy, and more blend together to create an epic reimagining of a series favorite. I especially love the various electronic sounds peppered in beyond the main melody, almost simulating the ambient sounds one would hear in the sacred forest region. Waters notes in the description that this remix was inspired by the work of BadBadNotGood and Radiohead.

Ace Waters still has one more Zelda Month song to release, so be sure to check out his YouTube channel right here for more.

What do you think of this Faron Woods remix? What Zelda forest theme would you like to see Ace Waters tackle next? Let us know in the comments.

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