One of the most uplifting things about release of Tears of the Kingdom is the increased amount of attention that the entire Zelda series is receiving. Whether it is popular outlets like The New York Times or smaller social media channels, it feels like everyone is giving the Zelda series its due as an innovative and influential series. One of the most acclaimed elements of the series is its music, and plenty of musicians across the internet have been creating new remixes in honor of the launch of Tears of the Kingdom.

In advance of the release of Tears of the Kingdom, the music label GameChops released LoFi of the Kingdom, a collaborative album by the Collab Cafe. This album is designed to celebrate music from across the Zelda series, and the album remixes some of the franchise’s most iconic tracks in a LoFi style. Lofi of the Kingdom has fifteen tracks by a variety of different artists:

  • “Korok Forest” – SageNine
  • “Tears of the Kingdom” – Glitch x City
  • “Hateno Village” – SadTILT
  • “Lost Woods” – MipSick
  • “Courage” – SpaceSquid
  • “Forest Temple” – sushileaf
  • “Ocarina of Time” – Cornerian Flight Academy
  • “Astral Observatory” – SageNine
  • “Zelda’s Lullaby” – Less Gravity & Plant Guy
  • “Gerudo Valley” – PalKid
  • “Lost Woods” – DeltaZelda
  • “Kakariko Village” (Breath of the Wild) – TheFloorIsLava
  •  “Rito Village” – Quetrelle
  • “Zora’s Domain” – Hamelatoire
  • “Kakariko Village” (A Link To The Past) – Inner Motion Music

Overall, if you are looking for a relaxing playlist to listen to while taking a break from your adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, then LoFi of the Kingdom would be a great choice! The songs are taken from a variety of Zelda games, and it is likely that a few of your favorites tunes are present somewhere on the album. My favorite tracks from the album are “Rito Village” by Quetrelle and “Hateno Village” by SadTILT. Both of these LoFi remixes retain recognizable elements of the original songs, while also bringing fresh perspective on these well-known songs.

What do you think of the album LoFi of the Kingdom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: GameChops

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