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Nintendo has been very secretive about their development strategies, as well as stubborn. It’s a well-known fact that the Big N strives to do their own thing in this day and age. Though fans may feel that their pleas to Nintendo are often in vain, we may be wrong about that after all. Eiji Aonuma assures us that the company is always listening to the suggestion of fans. He cites The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as one of their main sources of fan input.

Have you been looking at the comments from fans on Twitter, the Internet at large and Miiverse, and taking those into account?

If we respond too directly to the things the fans are asking for, they’ll end up playing a predictable game. But with the Internet, social networks and Miiverse, the fans have more ways than ever to voice their opinions. We hear that input, and then we think about how to deliver something even better than what they’re asking for. I really don’t want fans of the original to hate it! So I’m working hard to make sure it doesn’t [make them do that]. If I really get it that wrong, then I’ll consider myself talentless [laughs].”

The above quotation is a segment of an interview between Eiji Aonuma and Edge.

I’d say Aonuma-san is a little harsh on himself! I could never consider the man ‘talentless,’ even if one Zelda game turns out to be a train wreck. In my opinion, there have been no bad Zelda games. Yes, there are disappointments here and there; however, I believe there is no bad Zelda. The CD-i games don’t count. In Aonuma I trust.

Now that we know the developers are listening, shout whatever you want in A Link Between Worlds below. Nintendo is listening!

Just when we thought we knew it all, Aonuma reveals in a new interview that one of the key aspects of the new Zelda game heading to the 3DS was totally wrong: A Link Between Worlds is not a direct sequel to A Link to the Past. It takes place at least one generation after those events. Jump inside for the quote from the man himself!

Gaming site GameXplain has uploaded footage from the upcoming Zelda handheld title, A Link Between Worlds, and has managed to play through almost the entire overworld! Also, accompanying the video is commentary from a Nintendo representative who corresponded with the gamer as he is playing and shares a few details on what Nintendo’s intentions are for creating this new Zelda title. Be sure to click the jump if you’d like to take a look at the footage and hear what…

Breaking news! A list of release dates and windows from Nintendo for various 3DS and Wii U titles confirms a North American release date for A Link Between Worlds in November. No specific date has been given as of yet but stay tuned to Zelda Dungeon for the latest! Source: Vooks You can bookmark our A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough, which will be updated when the game releases this November.

Nintendo has released a series of official screenshots as well as the first piece of official artwork for the upcoming A Link Between Worlds. You can see a smaller sample of the official artwork piece to the left, but go ahead and make the jump to see the much larger version. Additionally, there are 10 new press screenshots that have been released and you can view all 10 of them after the jump.

As most Zelda fans are already aware, Nintendo is releasing a new version of A Link to the Past 2 for the 3DS. This morning during E3 and the Nintendo Direct presentation, a trailer for A Link to the Past 2 was released or as it is now titled A Link Between Worlds. Check out the E3 trailer after the jump!

As we approach E3 more and more interviews are going to be done with a specific focus on games coming out in the later half of the year. One of the most highly anticipated games for the 3DS this fall is the all new Legend of Zelda game, which doesn’t have an official title yet (A Link to the Past 2 is currently as close as we can get). Eiji Aonuma sat down with Edge magazine to talk about Zelda, and while we reported on the 60 FPS in 3D aspect yesterday there were a few details that slipped through our fingers. Chief among them includes the following quote:

“This new title will feature lots of things that are new to the series; right at the start of the game, there’s a big surprise that will shock players,” he told us. “We started out with the new play mechanics, such as Link being able to become a painting and walk along the walls, and then figured out from there how to build a story around them. Rather than forcing elements of the original story into this one, we’ve instead focused on bringing back the characters, so you can see what happened to them after the events of the first game.” – Eiji Aonuma

That’s not all, hop inside to see what aspect relates directly to the Dark World, as well as some of Eiji’s thoughts on the rest of his career at Nintendo.

Longtime Zelda producer and director Eiji Aonuma has reconfirmed during an interview with Edge magazine that the Dark World will be making a reappearance and will play an important role in Zelda 3DS, the upcoming sequel to A Link to the Past. Although, already confirmed to appear, Mr. Aonuma has newly stated in this interview that Link’s ability to turn into a painting happens to be linked in with the Dark World. Mr. Aonuma also mentioned that because the Light…

Brace yourselves Zelda fans because it seems that Zelda 3DS will reveal a “shock surprise” that will stun gamers who pick up the title. Eiji Aonuma has confirmed, in an interview with Edge magazine, that a “big surprise” is awaiting players in the opening moments of gameplay and has revealed that, in this sequel to A Link to the Past, the characters from the original have been given greater development. Mr. Aonuma says the team have done this so you…

Good news everyone! A Link to the Past II will be running on 60 FPS, and the 3D is not required to do so! Hit the jump to hear more about it!