Longtime Zelda producer and director Eiji Aonuma has reconfirmed during an interview with Edge magazine that the Dark World will be making a reappearance and will play an important role in Zelda 3DS, the upcoming sequel to A Link to the Past. Although, already confirmed to appear, Mr. Aonuma has newly stated in this interview that Link’s ability to turn into a painting happens to be linked in with the Dark World. Mr. Aonuma also mentioned that because the Light and Dark Worlds were a great aspect for solving puzzles in A Link to the Past, they decided that bringing back the Dark World mechanic would be a good idea.

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Eiji Aonuma’s quote in the interview with Edge magazine is found below:

“Part of what made A Link To The Past interesting was the way you could move between the Light World and the Dark World and solve puzzles, and we’re planning to bring that back in A Link To The Past 2 for sure. Link’s ability to become a painting will be related to that.”

I’m looking forward to experiencing the Dark World in Zelda 3DS on my Nintendo 3DS XL. In 60FPS and full 3D the Dark World should look graphically visualized and give a realistic depth to the gameplay. A lot of Zelda fans have commented on the reason behind the Dark World being revived considering it was sealed up at the end of A Link to the Past but hopefully Nintendo will provide a worthy excuse for this reappearance. Either way, Zelda 3DS is looking to be a blockbuster title this Holiday season!

Are you happy that the Dark World is back for Zelda 3DS? Do you think it’s a good idea that Mr. Aonuma and the development team have brought so many aspects from A Link to the Past for this sequel? Are you happy with Eiji Aonuma’s thoughts on the game? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Source: Edge magazine

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