logoThe Symphony of the Goddesses is still as strong as ever, heading into it’s fifth year, if you can believe it. Back during the awesome celebration of the 25th anniversary of Zelda, fans were incredibly excited for this show, and betwen fans that have yet to see it, and those that are more than ready to see it again (myself included) it’s popularity is not dwindling, that’s for sure. The Symphony’s newsletter has just release a dicount code for it’s online store, so if you are looking to grab some merchandise for the new year, hit the jump for the code, as well as some details of the upcoming changes to the show in 2016!

Use the following code for 15% off t-shirts, poster, and more:


There are already 32 shows set up for 2016, with more to be announced soon. There is apparently going to be new arrangements and series songs added to the Maser Quest line-up, including new music for the show’s “Tri Force Medley”, the Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time, and a brand new Skyward Sword arrangement called “Shadow Ascent”. Plus, the 30th anniversary is coming up, so who know what we can expect for that?

Are any of you guys heading to the show in 2016? If you have seen it before, what was your favorite part of the concert? Drop a comment!

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