We at Zelda Informer recently shared an interview with Jason Michael Paul, producer of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. Conducted by German gaming channel 10doTV, the interview offered some interesting insights on the symphony’s production behind-the-scenes. If you were hoping to hear more, the channel also took the time to speak with Zelda Symphony conductor Amy Anderson, who shared a bit about the challenges and satisfactions of conducting and performing Zelda music live on stage.

During the interview, Amy Anderson explained the difficulties she and the musicians may find in performing songs from the Zelda series. Due to the high number of notes and consistently fast pace of the compositions, Zelda Symphony musicians are normally very tired after a show. The conductor further confirmed the difficulty the performers face by showing off Symphony of the Goddesses’ music book, which consists of two complete acts, 193 and 116 pages respectively.

I found it interesting that Anderson mentioned the challenges of keeping time with the videos presented on-screen during performances. She explained that performers listen to a “click track” while on stage, so that they can stay exactly on pace with the videos and game footage being shown to the audience. It seems that a lot of hard work goes into bringing this symphony to fruition, but I can confirm that seeing it all come together is truly a magical experience.

Are you set to see the Zelda symphony concert coming to your town? What songs are you excited to hear? Let us know in the comments.

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