Nintendo has just released a trailer for the upcoming Version 2.0 update for Super Mario Maker 2, which will release on December 5th. This update includes a whole new batch of course parts, such as Pokeys, Frozen Coins, and P-Blocks. The most notable thing in this trailer though (found at the 2:26 mark) is a very iconic item from the Zelda series, the Master Sword.

This power-up, only available in the Super Mario Bros. game style, allows our plumber hero to turn into Link from the original The Legend of Zelda. While similar to the Mystery Mushroom power-up from the first Super Mario Maker, this one varies. Instead of just letting you look like the Hylian hero, this time around, you are also given some of his abilities. These include being able to use the Master Sword & Hylian Shield, Pegasus Boots Dash, Downward Thrust, and Link’s bombs. If four players access the Master Sword power-up, each one will even be a different shade of Link.

What do you think of this news? Will you be giving this Master Sword power-up a spin? Let us know in the comments below!

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