Stunning Zelda papercrafts

You may be familiar with the art of papercraft, the process of creating detailed 3D models with nothing but sheets of paper. There have been instances in the past of talented individuals creating Zelda related papercrafts, but none perhaps have been as impressive and as realistic as Swedish artist minidelirium’s creations. Her Zelda related models range widely from the Happy Mask Salesman to Link’s Grandma’s house from The Wind Waker, but perhaps the highlight of the collection is a truly stunning life-size replica of Zelda from Twilight Princess. Hit the jump to take a look.

These papercrafts are not only stunning to look at, but you can easily the sheer amount of effort and work put into every one to ensure that they look exactly like their in-game counterparts. The heart container from Twilight Princess is probably the best example of this. The artist has clearly taken advantage of the multi-faceted and jewel-like surface of the container to replicate it perfectly with carefully-executed folds of paper to create a near-prefect replica. Link’s Grandma’s house is also visually striking, with the amazing attention to detail combining with the meticulous coloring to create something which looks like it’s been taken straight out of Outset Island itself. And of course, the life-size replica of Zelda is just… breathtaking.

You can see more Zelda-related papercrafts plus minidelirium’s other game-related pieces on her deviantART page here.

But what do you think? Do you want to see anything in Zelda in particular recreated in paper? Which papercraft is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: deviantART

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