Junior Editor

Location: Belfast
Favorite Zelda: Twilight Princess
Date Joined: October 2020

Wherever you go, there you are.

Hi, I’m Jacob Thompson, and I joined the Zelda Dungeon team in 2020.

I grew up in Lancashire in North West England, and spent my childhood roaming the nearby hills and farmland, nurturing a love for nature and exploration that has stuck with me all my life. Naturally, I love the Zelda series, and have been playing it since I was old enough to pick up a GameCube controller or steal away my older brothers’ Game Boy Color for half an hour.

These days I’m both a freelance and fiction writer, and I spend most of my time working on my manuscript in progress. I love all things fantasy, sci-fi, and magic realism, and Zelda’s fusion of Japanese and English folklore absolutely fascinates me. When I get a chance I love to relax with some Breath of The Wild, or just kick back and listen to some of my favorite Zelda soundtracks. I also look after four backyard hens when I’m at home – my own personal cuccos!

As for my favorite Zelda title? Time and time again, I find myself returning to Twilight Princess. It was the first Zelda I ever bought with my own hard-earned cash, and I fell in love with the atmosphere and the gritty art style immediately. The overall aesthetic and tone of the game is something I love, and in terms of great plot moments I think it’s yet to be beat by another installment in the series.

You can find me spitting more straight Zelda facts on Twitter!

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