Spirit Tracks Enemies Page Updated

Spirit Tracks Enemies Phantom

With all the recent Spirit Tracks news and the brand new trailer that was revealed a few days back, numerous returning enemies from Phantom Hourglass have been shown to make reappearances in Spirit Tracks. I have gone ahead and updated our Spirit Tracks Enemies page, including three enemies that have were shown.

This brings the total number of enemies shown in the three trailers and the gameplay demo up to 18. Our Phantom Hourglass Enemies page had a total of 51 enemies, so assuming there isn’t a drastic difference in the number of enemies between the two games, this could potentially mean that we already know about 1/3 of all the enemies found within the game. There are sure to be a whole bunch of returning enemies, as well as more brand new enemies, and we will know for sure in just FOUR weeks, as Spirit Tracks is set to hit stores in North America on December 7th, 2009.

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