tumblr_m6z9hw6Jsu1qa02ojo1_500A while back, we featured a video by A+ Start on YouTube in their Son of a Glitch series, which showed off several fun and useful glitches in The Wind Waker HD. Now, in the next episode, the Gamecube version is covered with 25 glitches that you yourself can try!

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As with the last episode, several of these are great speedrunning tricks. There are many sequence-breaking opportunities with the different ways Storage is used, like the always-awesome Super Swim, and I think that everyone should know how to do the Infinite Soup Glitch even for casual playthroughs. Also, I like that they ended off the video with the Back in Time Glitch, which is a trick possible in multiple Zelda games.

Make sure to let us know your thoughts on these glitches in the comments, and to try some on your own game!

Source: YouTube

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