Rain got ya sliding down? Still waiting on Revali’s Gale to recharge? Worry not, because this Breath of the Wild fan mod solves all of that.

This mod, from the talent of sofiaharley, allows the player to soar to their heart’s content. This ability comes in the form of a new Rune known both as “Flying Rune” and Cyclos — perhaps a nod to the soaring deity from The Wind Waker? Regardless, this Rune works by letting players fly with each press of the Rune button. Like a bird, a single flap of the wings will only lift Link a bit, but rapid flapping — or tapping — will send the player on a journey through the sky… That is, until their stamina runs out.

This new ability comes with great utility. Not only does it give players the ability to circumvent wet or unclimbable walls, or let them see Hyrule from a new perspective, it adds a new level to combat. Whether they’re tired of running around or not great at dodging, players can fly beyond the limitations of Revali’s Gale and other gusts of wind to bombard enemies with a barrage of arrows from the sky. If they wish, players can even finish enemies off with a ground stab of epic proportions. As Breath of the Wild modder and content creator Waikuteru shows off, this Rune is great for cheesing Calamity Ganon, and it even lets players fly back to the Blight arena, though invisible boundaries prevent them from truly escaping the battle.

This mod looks like a lot of fun, and it’s one I really look forward to trying out. There have been similar exploits that allow link to “fly” through Hyrule, such as the Moon Jump glitch, but none are quite like this. If this is your first time seeing sophiaharley’s work and you’d like to see more, they’ve done quite a lot with Zelda, so check out their profile for a full catalog of their work.

This flying mod is available to both Wii U and Switch players from gamebananna right here.

Do you plan to try out this mod? Will the Rito envy your flying skills? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: sophiaharley (via Waikuteru)

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