When we were first told about the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a few years back, little information was given, but of that was that the game was to utilize and take full advantage of the capabilities of Wii Motion Plus. We were shown a small demonstration of how the new Zelda title would incorporate this at E3 back in 2010. Of course it had its own bugs to work out and seemed just a little less gimmicky than have to wiggle your wrist around to swing your sword in Twilight Princess.

Almost two years have passed since then, but has the main gameplay aspect of Skyward Sword, the 1:1 motion control been fixed and the bugs worked out? Keep reading after the jump to learn more and find out what people over at Kotaku that had some hands on experience with the game had to say!

“It surprised me when Kotaku readers reacted to the video I shot of the demo’s boss battle in frustration. What they saw-what definitely exists in those controls-is something I didn’t feel. They saw a delay between what the player does and what Link does. They saw lag and they didn’t like it, knocking Nintendo for failing to deliver a 1:1 motion-controlled experience. Yes, there is a veryveryshort delay, but it’s not a delay I felt as I played. I’d face up against an enemy in the dungeon, size up his stance, spot his vulnerable spot and strike. Not once did I feel that the window of opportunity close. You may see the delay. I see it now too. But in the swordplay it did not hamper the experience.”

Reading this quote from Stephen of Kotaku can be a little misleading. The excitement of all the Skyward Sword and wondering if it could live up to that hype along with natural interference from cell phones and other wireless devices could play many factors in this. In the end it could be anyone of these, but as he said it did not really mess with the gameplay and even if it does, I’m certain we will all be able to look past this minor issue. More recent demonstrations of the game and the many youtube videos seem to show only excitement and joy from people playing the game with the only frustration and anger coming from when Ghirahim grabs your sword between his fingers and taunts as if your swinging it like a two year old.

The Wii Motion Plus can seamlessly deliver 1:1 motion tracking. The controller has far surpassed its predecessor delivering greater precision tracking tilt, axis and even velocity with almost perfect accuracy. Several different games have been released that takes advantage of this incredible accessory allowing you to bowl, sword fight and other things including shooting a crossbow in Link’s Crossbow Training, but Skyward Sword seems to be taking all of this and wrapping it up in a nice grand adventure?

With a confirmed 50 – 100 hours of gameplay, we will be sure to find many different ways to play around with this than we could ask for. How do you feel about this though? Do you think it will truly be perfect 1:1 motion tracking or will it still have it’s flaws? Would you rather just have a nice simple button layout or would you prefer swinging your wii mote and to have the feeling of experiencing the adventure for yourself? Let us know in the comments below. Visit the forums and be sure to check back on the constant information being released on Skyward Sword!

Source: Kotaku
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