Skyward Sword ScreenshotThe title of this news post might sound a bit strange considering we are talking about Skyward Sword, a game that is not set to release until 2011. However, the folks over at Legend Zelda are already stating that they think it will be the game of the year… next year! In their recent article, they talk about everything from game sales, the storyline, the new wii motion plus controls, graphical style, and historical trends in reviews amongst Zelda games.

Personally, I think this topic to begin with is just a bit silly to be talking about this early. The game is still awhile away and who knows what is in store for 2011. However, in the midst of all the cloudy speculation, the author makes what I think is a really good point in terms of sales. By the time of the launch of Skyward Sword, there is likely to be over 80million Nintendo Wii’s in circulation. With a circulation like that and with such a massive title like a new Zelda game, the author made the bold prediction that he thinks Skyward Sword will become the highest selling Zelda game ever. Nintendo has always advertised their Zelda games fairly heavily, so I too am leaning towards this high possibility. The only thing that is worrisome for me is that a high percentage of the fans that do own a Nintendo Wii, don’t seem to be the type that would go ahead and purchase a Zelda game.

Only time will tell, but if you just cannot get enough Skyward Sword, be sure to check out the full article over at to see all of the authors thoughts. Skyward Sword is set to release in the early portion of 2011 and here at Zelda Dungeon we will be providing a full Skyward Sword Walkthrough upon release, so be sure to bookmark that page!

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