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UPDATE: A new hands on video is now available above, but this one includes the cut-scene preceding the boss battle with the Demon Lord Ghirahim. Obviously, with such a video it comes with several spoilers attached to it. In this video we learn it was the Demon Lord Ghirahim that summoned the tornado that we saw during the Skyward Sword Trailer. We learn that Ghirahim is after Zelda and her holiness. Ghirahim is the demon that presides over the land below (Hyrule?). You can see all the previous updates concerning this character after the jump.

He made his first appearance in the Skyward Sword Trailer back at GDC 2011. He has been the target of speculation and mystery for several months. He is the Mysterious Pale Character and now he finally has a name: Demon Lord Ghirahim. Over at GameTrailers there is some new Skyward Sword footage depicting a boss fight with this Mysterious Pale Character; however, you may notice that he looks different than the official artwork we just got of him as he appears to be missing his overcoat.

Other than just the name and appearance, the footage of this fight shows us more about his abilities. He uses magic, teleportation, and even a sword to fight Link. He has some amazing moves as well, forcing the player to really make use of the one-to-one controls of the Wii Motion Plus. We are also able to see a new design of the heart container that Link collects after defeating the dungeon boss.

The last thing of interest is his words to Link. He mentions that the “girl’s presence has all but faded from this place”, and that Link is only alive “because of his sword”. This invites a great deal of speculation; who is the girl and why is he looking for her, and what is special about Link’s sword?

Source: GameTrailers

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