Skyward Sword Overview Trailer

A new trailer has been uploaded to Youtube, that gives an overview of the game. The Dialog is in Japanese, but there are a lot of new and extended scenes from the game. After you’ve watched the video, check back shortly for a breakdown of the new info.

  • [0:17] This is a new part of the scene in the structure in the desert area where Ghirahim attacks Zelda. If you look closely as it fades out, you can see the familiar gears.
  • [0:24] Link receives a shard of something, as Fi bows to whomever is giving it to him.
  • [0:25] This is undoubtedly the bottom of the Sealed Grounds, but what could this large blade being thrust into the ground represent?
  • [1:00] Fi serves as a key to the hidden door to the inside of the Goddess statue.
  • [1:19] This is a vision of Zelda telling Link to go to the Fire Temple.
  • [1:49] Fire Sanctuary is one of the many places you’ll encounter the Goron archaeologist Gorko
  • [1:55] They’re finally giving us a good look at the final new race. We saw one of their members, named Scrappy, on the website, and some statues in other videos. In fact, we’ve even seen this individual before, but he wasn’t prominent enough to make out. These guys seem to be the main race of the desert/ocean region.
  • [1:57] The Japanese text box in the corner of the clip translates to Lanayru.
  • [2:24] Here’s a new area of (one of) the desert dungeon(s). Link shows off a way to defeat Mechats (unofficial name). Only part of this room is ‘active’. Could it be the mine cart that’s responsible?
  • [2:27] Another phase of the flying whale battle. Link lands on the whale and battles with one of its strange eye appendages. It’s possible that these are parasites, and the whale itself is not a villain.
  • [3:30] The Gust Bellow is used to expose disused mine carts, and to push hanging platforms.
  • [3:50] Link collects a metal ore.
  • [3:54] A Bokoblin skeleton can be seen partially buried in the ground. This does a lot to support the theory that striking the special stones in the desert region reverts the area to its state at some point in the past.
  • [4:03] The Spreadshot upgrade for the Slingshot costs 2 purple relics, 2 Amber Relics, and 3 Jelly Blobs.
  • [4:18] On top of all the technology we’ve seen in the desert region, Beedle has a computer! So much for technology being a timeline indicator! (Insert “Rocket Fists Give Birth to Ancient Civilization” joke here)
  • [4:32] A star fragment. Get 5 of these and something good will happen… It has the same design as it did in Spirit Tracks.
  • [4:54] Link absorbs blue energy emanating from Fi. Does this support the theory that Fi is Nayru? She looks like she’s going crazy to me, attacking Link. You can see a ruined pirate ship in the background, so this probably takes place very late in the game, after the boss fight on that ship.
  • [5:00] Now the whale looks much more friendly without those seemingly parasitic eye stalks.
  • [5:09] New boss! Actually, this isn’t entirely new. We saw some of its entrance in the 3DS Conference trailer. I still think this takes place inside the pirate ship (it’s a large room, I know…)
  • [5:16] This wall appears in the temple with the old woman with pendulum-hair. It features even more cogwheel patterns. Could this be another reference to Spirit Tracks?
  • [5:27] Awesome new logo animation!

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