Skyward Sword Gameplay Trailer

A new Skyward Sword trailer is here! In it we see lots of new enemies, bosses, mini bosses, some new puzzle mechanics and more! More info after the jump. Updated: A Higher Quality version is now available.

This is what we say today at the Game Developer’s Conference, which was streaming earlier today. Mr. Itawa’s presentation included info on the Skyward Sword, a new mario game that will be announced at E3 and more of Nintendo’s titles that are releasing in the not too distant future.

Nearly all of the enemies in the trailer seem to have a weakness of some kind that we must exploit in order to beat them. The spider has a soft underbelly, the totem pole needed to be slashed at in the correct direction. Even what looked to be bosses and mini bosses had various mechanics shown in the game. We also got to see some areas filled with lava, cliff side fighting matches and a bit of tight rope walking! This all looks very exciting and I can’t wait to get my hands on this new game.

Also featured in the trailer is orchestrated music! It sounds beautiful and I’m sure the rest of the soundtrack will be just as exciting. Lastly, we saw a shifty looking character atop a statue. Who is this character? Is it the villain of the game? Is it an ally? We might not figure it out until the game releases!

Stay tuned to Zelda Dungeon for more Skyward Sword news and a full walkthrough upon it’s release.

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