With the new trailer for Skyward Sword revealed at GDC this past week, tons of new enemies were featured, many of which revolved around the motion plus mechanics. Additionally, some of the same enemies from the E3 Trailer re-appeared, giving us some more information about them. We’ve gone through each and every enemy that we’ve seen thus far, capturing an image of them, gave some of the nameless ones a temporary name, and have written detailed descriptions about them. You can see this up to date page detailing all of the Skyward Sword Enemies known thus far. In the coming days we will be updating our other Skyward Sword content pages, including all the new information that we’ve seen from this trailer, as well as updating some of our older content.

What are your thoughts on the various Skyward Sword Enemies that we’ve seen thus far? Do you like the direction they are going with enemies? Is there anything you think they’ve messed up on? What are your thoughts on our names, descriptions, and the page as a whole? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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